Cobdogla Primary School

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Year 2/3


In the Year 2/3 Class Meegan Townsend is the teacher.

Student Support Officers (SSO) are in the classroom at various times to support students in the classroom. Some students also participate in Literacy programs such as MiniLit.

Classroom Learning and Goals


Once a week the focus of the Literacy lesson is on building Reading Strategies based on Sheena Cameron’s Reading Comprehension book. The students are placed in ability groups and complete activities that support reading, listening, spelling and writing. Reading activities occur daily throughout the classroom setting in various learning areas.


Students are placed into spelling ability groups. Each fortnight students have a new blend to focus on. Activities focus on building various spelling skills.


Writing lessons occur throughout the week and I start from the basics of writing a sentence through to different genres such as, recounts, narratives, reports, letters, procedures, etc. The use of grammar and punctuation is integrated into these writing lessons.


Students are involved in specific Mathematics lesson four times a week, but it is also integrated into other lessons during the day. Number and Algebra is the main curriculum focus.


Science lessons occur once a week. Each term we focus on a different topic. The aim is to provide students with hands on Science lessons.


Our buddy class is Mr Hanna’s 5/6/7 class. We meet at various times throughout the year.

History and Geography

Is taught by Vicki Johnson throughout the year.

Health and Physical Education

Students have a fitness session each morning and we have a Physical Education lesson once a fortnight. Vicki Johnson covered Hot Shots Tennis with the students. Vicki Johnson also does a KidsMatter session with the students, this focuses on the wellbeing of the students. The Child Protection Curriculum is taught on a Tuesday Afternoon.

Structured Play

Structured Play sessions occur once a week. All activities are based on a range of skills and learning areas. Students from Reception to Year 2 participate in Structured Play.

Areas such as The Arts, Design and Technology and Society and Environment as all integrated across various learning areas.