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Cobdogla Primary School recognises the importance of providing the students with the opportunity to bring their ideas and concerns to the S.R.C. where they have a voice to bring about positive change and to initiate student ideas. Students as well as teachers and parents have the right to provide input into issues and decisions concerning their well-being and education.

At the beginning of each school year S.R.C. representatives are elected by the students. Students may not be an S.R.C. rep in consecutive years but may be chosen more than once. If possible, each class elects a girl or boy who they think will be a good S.R.C. leader. Teachers need to discuss this and emphasize it should be the best person for the job.

Selection criteria:
Rec, Yr 1, Yr 2, Yr 3, Yr 4: 1 student elected from each year level
Yr 5, Yr 6, Yr 7: 2 students elected from each year level

In addition 2 School Leaders will be elected from the Year 7 students. Year 7 students are encouraged to apply in writing for the position of school leader. The Principal and staff will select the best two applicants.

A staff member (teacher) is appointed each year to take on the role of S.R.C. coordinator. This staff member needs to communicate the ideas discussed at S.R.C. with the staff at staff meetings and with the Principal.

The S.R.C. students are each presented with an S.R.C. and a KidsMatter badge at an assembly early in the year.

The S.R.C. committee meet fortnightly.

In the alternate weeks class teachers need to organize class meetings in their rooms. From these class meetings the S.R.C. reps bring along their minutes to be discussed at whole school meetings. This gives each class a voice in decision making.

Role of the S.R.C. MembersAttend the S.R.C. meetings

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