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Welcome to Reception 1 Class

In the Reception/Year 1 class Jo Nettle teaches every Monday and Tuesday, and Leanne Jones every Thursday and Friday both sharing alternate Wednesdays. On Monday afternoons and Friday mornings Vicki Johnson takes the class for Resource Based Learning. On Thursdays Mary Tsakarellos teaches Greek. Student Support Officers (SSOs) are in the classroom at various times to support students.

Classroom Learning and Goals


Spelling - Each week there is a letter of the week focus. The Reception students complete various activities linked to this letter including things like letter webs, rhyming, syllables, sounding, craft and tongue twisters. The Year 1 students focus on sounds and blends, including similar activities as the Reception students.

Writing - A specific text is the focus for a whole term. This text changes each term and is linked in with a classroom theme. All our writing activities and the focus on different genres such as recounts, narrative, reports and procedures come from these texts.

Oral Language - A Vocabulary Chart is used on a weekly to a fortnightly basis that comes from our class text focus. A tongue twister of the week is also incorporated into all of our Literacy activities.

Reading - All reading activities come from our class text and this is read as a whole class daily. Reading Eggs is a computer reading program that is also incorporated into our classroom program.

Handwriting - The South Australian Handwriting model is used, with two formal handwriting lessons a week with handwriting integrated into other areas.


Mathletics- Number and Place Value is a large focus especially for the Reception students followed by Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Ann Baker Maths is incorporated heavily into most Maths activities as well as lots of hands on and problem solving activities. Mathletics, a Maths computer program is also utilised.

Science, Geography, History and Technology lessons occur weekly and are often linked with our classroom theme or current events.

Health and Physical Education is an important focus as we are a Kids Matter School and work a lot on the well-being of students. The Protection Curriculum is covered throughout the year. For Physical Education, students have fitness lessons with Meegan Fedele's 2/3 class, swimming sessions in the school pool, during Term 1 and 4 and a Tennis Hot Shots Program where we work closely with the Cobdogla Tennis Club to promote tennis skills.

Each term we promote a different theme in the classroom, with excursions planned to link in with this theme. A buddy program occurs once a fortnight with Sue Penno's 3/4/5 students where a variety of activities from craft to sport are planned. This is very popular with all students. Learning Play is a very important part of Junior Primary and this occurs most afternoons and integrates all Curriculum areas especially Visual Arts. >

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