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Early Cobdogla

This is an extract from "Cobdogla School Celebrations 1973" written by: George Woolmer

The Cobdogla district, bordering Australia's great river Murray, has probably been occupied for at least 30,000 years, the Aboriginal people living here at the time of European settlement belonging to the Narwiji-Jerook tribe. The name Cobdogla is a version of the Aboriginal word or term Copdogla, or Cobdogle, but its meaning seems to be lost, although some think it was the name of a `King', and others that it means "land of plenty".

John chambers, South Australia's first land Baron, leased the area in 1846, although he probably had it occupied earlier. James Trussell, his manager, became the leading local historical figure, and looked after the giant Cobdogla Run or station, which at one time stretched from Overland Corner to the N.S.W border. Here were raised superb horses, chosen for Police Greys, and for John McDouall Stuart's heroic overland journey of 1861-62.

When William Napper and other woodcutters and their families landed near the Trussell homestead, in 1855, they established a settlement, the district's first, which they called blanket town, but after contracts failures this infant townlet was abandoned.

Under the spell of early enthusiasm for irrigation the Government in 1911 commenced surveying the district for large-scale irrigation. Clearing began in 1914, when the present township was established. the pace intensified with the decision to make a Soldier Settlement, and the first blocks were Gazetted in 1918.

No school was provided in 1914 for the children who ran wild, but after agitation a teacher arrived to open the Cobdogla School in late 1917.


Cobdogla's accepted colours are blue and gold, as espoused by the football, basketball and other clubs, but green and gold were favoured originally. The football club, for example, wore green and gold Guernseys in 1918. Then confusion arose when Glossop adopted the same colours and changes were made in Cobdogla, although the green and gold were retained by the school. In 1963 the school committee registered the school's uniform as being `bottle green' and gold. Mr Cobbledick noted recently: "1971-colours were green and gold which I thought strange since the football club played under blue and gold. When I discovered that the Glossop town colours for their football club were green and gold, and yet their primary school was blue and gold. I thought it even stranger. Since our breakaway from the B.B.A.S.S.A. we have changed the school colours to match the town, i.e. blue and gold."

The school in 1971 embraced a war cry: "Blue Blue Blue and Gold, we are Cobby big and bold, see us coming, and watch us go, we are the best school, don't you know. C-O-B-B-Y, Cobby!"